Robust and flexible Magento eCommerce Services

Do you want to take your business to the next level by getting exposed to the powerful Web? Want to launch a professional eCommerce website with extensive functionalities? Magento is the answer to your question. An open source eCommerce application platform with robust features, scalability and flexibility that guarantees enhanced reach on products and quick return on investment for your business. AES Magento eCommerce development services help your business grow better. Our Magento Application Development team provides solutions based on strategic business objectives to add more value to your business. Our Magento Customization Services not just make your site simple to manage but also ensures that your retail site is uniquely designed to meet the needs of client and to make it every shoppers dream. Give us your credence and we will be the backbone to your online business!

The Magento Services we offer

  • Magento Online retail Store Development
  • Magento Customization
  • Magento Template Design and Integration
  • Magento based Themes creation and Integration
  • Custom Model Development in Magento
  • PSD to Magento conversions
  • Magento Developer/Team for Hiring

Why Magento

Multitude of features

Thinking of an eCommerce website that requires huge functionality? Magento is there to favor you… Magento offers multitude of features to implement any possible function for a powerful eCommerce website. There are several plug-ins to implement call center features, order tracking, new payment gateways and other basic features include shopping cart, catalog management, search, checkout and administration functions.


Magento has an excellent structural design. Its sophisticated design enables development of extremely stable and reliable systems.

Greater Flexibility

If you are looking for a certain functionality for your website, it is most likely that Magento has it. Even if it is not available, it provides you the flexibility to modify the existing features to suit your requirement. Magento can be integrated to Drupal based websites. If there is a necessity for migration, there are efficient tools available for migration assistance. Using these tools we can easily import products, customers and order information from various platforms to Magento.

Enterprise grade eCommerce web design solution

Magento can evolve along with your business… A Magento site can start off as a simple one and evolve and expand to a site for a global business enterprise. It is the best choice for an evolving enterprise.

Number of users for eCommerce web design solution

The biggest benefit of Magento is its enormous community of dedicated users. There are more and more users joining the community every day. The CMS is becoming highly popular day by day. As there are many users working on the platform, you can expect global support and assistance. There are a lot of updates and new extensions being developed every other day.

Transparency of Magento web design

Magento maintains its transparency i.e., its source code is open. The public can study the code and is free to make modification for the betterment of the CMS. Anybody with a good understanding about the CMS can fix problems and add new features in order to further improve its capability for eCommerce web design solution. Magento’s transparency has paved way for its fast evolvement.

Ongoing Updates

Due to its popularity and a huge community of users, there is Magento update happening every two months. New versions of Magento are being released. This means Magento is getting better every day. There are more functionalities added to increase the performance of the Magento eCommerce sites.