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Opencart eCommerce Services

The world is going viral on the web and online shopping has become today’s trend. Now, it is your turn to live up to the trend. Put your business on the wire, give your website the e-commerce touch and watch the magic spell on your turnover

Don’t think any longer! Avail our intelligent Opencart eCommerce solution and experience the boost in your online sales.

Exitemarkup offers custom design Opencart solutions for multi-featured online store that meets the client’s requirement. Be it a small enterprise or a large-sized organization, we integrate the most suitable, scalable and robust Opencart solution.

Our PHP developers are well versed with the Opencart framework and have the experience and incomparable expertise in developing your revolutionary e-commerce Shopping Website.

Your project will be given undivided attention right from the start till its maintenance providing an impeccable error-free solution. With our Quick, effortless, efficient and appealing creation, you can stand ahead in this competitive market, making unimaginable sales.

Opencart Development Services

  • Opencart Installation & Configuration
  • Opencart Integration
  • Opencart Customization
  • OpenCart Application Development
  • Opencart Online Store Development
  • Opencart Shopping cart Development
  • Opencart SEO Implementation
  • Opencart Module Development
  • Opencart Theme Development
  • Opencart Template Designing
  • Opencart Plug-in Development
  • Opencart Extensions Development
  • Opencart Store Migration
  • Opencart Website Maintenance
  • Opencart Consulting
  • Opencart Tutoring
  • Technical assistance for integrating Opencart Templates
  • Debugging existing Opencart Extensions, plugins & modules
  • Enhancement of existing Opencart online shops
  • Opencart Upgrading Services

Why Opencart

Optimal for Startups

If you are a small enterprise just starting to explore the benefits of the eCommerce market, then Opencart will be your best choice. Its simplicity will guide you comfortably to establishing a good eCommerce site within a minimum time frame.

Plenty of Tools

Opencart has several features and tools that helps in building, launching and managing an extra ordinary eCommerce website store without paying any licensing fee or any kind of registration process.

Ease of use

Opencart is lightweight, easy to download and install. It is less demanding in terms of hosting environment. OpenCart is easy in administration. The control panel is clear and convenient so no special technical skills are required.

Neat structure

The open source CMS Opencart is clearly organized and has a neat structure, which facilitates easy modification and editing. Its well-organized structure paves way for reliable and efficient developments.

Cost effective

OpenCart is a free and open source online shopping cart framework. The tool provides robust and scalable e-commerce solutions for small and medium Internet businesses, with the ability to create their own online enterprise at a minimal cost.

OpenCart is a turn-key ready “out of the box” shopping cart solution.

You simply install, select your template, add products and your ready to start accepting orders.

It has order management and multiple payment gateways already built in and we provide lifetime free support and free software updates.


Since Opencart code is open, users of the software can have the confidence on various quality aspects such as security, freedom from backdoors, adherence to standards and flexibility in the face of future changes.

Claims can be made to the authors and the users can be sure that their claims will be addressed.

Whether this takes the form of an cursory and informal inspection or more rigorous auditing, what’s clear is that without access to the source, third party inspection is impossible.

At present the industry does not insist on third party inspection or certification, but it’s possible that as open source models become more popular then expectations of audits will rise.


Opencart has a brilliant community ardently working on its improvement. If there is a defect detected, it is immediately addressed and reported to the maintainers. This makes the software more efficient and reliable. Time Saver

Setting up an Opencart site is a cakewalk. The technology is quite straightforward and there is no necessity to have much of technical knowledge.

An Opencart site can be set up within an hour after it has been installed. This means you can have your site up and start selling your products immediately.

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