Dynamic Search Ads, How to create dynamic search ads

Dynamically create and show ads for pages on your website without using keywords. Dynamic Search Ads complement your existing keyword-based campaigns to deliver more clicks and conversions with less effort. During pilot testing, most advertisers saw 5-10% more clicks and conversions.

Dynamic Search Ads target relevant searches with ads generated directly from your web site — dynamically. With Dynamic Search Ads, we keep a fresh index of your inventory using Google’s organic web crawling technology. When a relevant search occurs, we dynamically generate an ad with a headline based on the query, and the text based on your most relevant landing page. The ad enters the auction and competes normally — but we’ll hold it back for any search where you also have an eligible keyword-targeted ad. So you get better results from broader exposure for more of your in-stock inventory, without making any changes to your existing keyword campaigns.


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