Google Analytics Reports

A website can be your company’s best sales tool for lead generation, but knowing if and how your site is working is the key to success. The detailed reports available in Google Analytics provide important insight that will help you improve your website’s effectiveness and reach your business goals. Here are the top four reports every business should be monitoring.

1. Audience report: Who is visiting your site?

An audience report will give you key insights about the people who visit your site, including:

  • Demographics such as age and gender
  • Geographic location
  • What their interests are
  • What browser and device they’re using
  • How often they’re visiting your site and how much time they’re spending

The audience report is your first step toward better understanding your users so you know what type of content to develop to catch their interest.

The following shows the Age and Affinity categories for users of an automotive products website.

Audience report example
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2. Acquisition report: Where is your traffic coming from?

The acquisition report will tell you how visitors are finding your website, including:

  • What marketing channel is bringing in visitors: organic search, paid ads, email, social, etc.
  • What sources are sending traffic to your site: Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.
  • What organic keywords sent traffic to your site. (Google Search Console will need to be synced to your account.)

Using this data to analyze how each traffic source performs can help you adjust your current marketing strategies.

This 6-month snapshot shows the distribution and performance of each marketing channel.

Acquisition report:
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3. Behavior report: Are people interacting with your website the way you want them to?

It’s important to examine how visitors engage with the content on your website. With the behavior report you can determine:

  • What pages visitors are viewing
  • How long visitors are spending on pages
  • What navigation path visitors are taking
  • Whether there are any friction points that cause people to leave the site

The behavior report can help you make sure you’re providing a good user experience for your site visitors, and giving them the content they want in a way that’s easy for them to find. You can improve audience engagement with adjustments to site usability, messaging, calls to action and by providing more of the content your audience likes.

This report shows how each of your top pages performs across the board.

Behavior Report
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4. Conversion report: Are your visitors taking the desired actions that will enable you to fulfill your business goals?

The conversion report shows you how each goal you are tracking on your website is performing including any configured conversion funnels. You can use a conversion report to:

  • Track the actions on your site you deem as good behavior (e.g., purchase, email newsletter signup, contact form submission, etc.)
  • Review conversion rates and funnels to determine if they are optimal or need improvement
  • Determine what sources (search engines, social, etc.) are delivering the best conversion results

These reports show the different conversions being tracked and an e-commerce purchase funnel for an industrial products website.

Conversion Report example
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Google Analytics offers a wealth of other reports and tools that allow you to find out everything imaginable about how visitors interact with your website, but these four reports will allow you to create a strong foundation of understanding that will help you cater to customers and improve your business.