How to create google ads call only ads, search ads 360

Call only ads are a special type of ad appearing in google search. instead of directing users to a landing page, call-only ads to take them to the dial pad urging to make a phone call. These ads are similar to text ads in every way except the destination after a click happens. They are triggered by keywords and only appear in google search results. Although some advertisers mix text and call-only ads in the same campaign, it is much more ideal to separate the campaigns into text-only and call-only ads. More often than not, Calls are much more valuable to businesses than clicks to a landing page.

Google’s call-only ads look a lot like regular PPC ads, but they have less ad text and only show up on devices that can make phone calls. And instead of sending users to a landing page, clicks on your ad initiate a direct phone call to your business.

The call-only ads encourage people to make a direct call to your business by prominently placing the phone number in the headline and triggering a phone call when the ad is clicked or tapped. Call-only ads are only available for campaigns on the Search Network.

In September, Google slightly changed the formatting of their call-only ads, which now features the phone number on its own line, with the business name and headline directly below it. They also increased the size of the phone icon.