Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Service

It is the process of getting the rank upon SERP (Search Engine Result Page) through paid media is called search engine marketing. For eg, if you are searching for your products and services you ensure that your website comes on the top of the ranking and traffic is redirected to your website

We have the best team of experts who ensure that requirements are met as per your requirements or products or services. As a part of our best search engine marketing services in Delhi, we make out best strategies so as to give you maximum conversion to maintain a proper conversion rate. We plan the strategies accordingly so as to give you the maximum ROI. You only just have to pay when someone clicks your ads and there no extra money required to be spent apart from that.

How Shadstech will help you?

  • To Advertise At Global & Local Level

    as the best search engine marketing agency in Delhi, we target your ads to different customers in a different location to show your ads.

Attract More Customers

It helps to attract more customers who look forward to your brand/product offerings and we aim to bring back your old customers also.

  • Makes It More Simpler For You

    we help you to improve your business visibility by improving your brand awareness a top search engine marketing agency in Delhi we follow this frequently.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    we provide real-time reports to measure the performance of your ads to check how they are performing.

What else can Shadstech help you with?

Adwords Account Audit

How is your account structured? Are you covering the entire products or services by proper ad theming? What are the keywords in your campaigns? We conduct regular audits of your Adwords accounts and manage them end-to-end. Having a good campaign structure helps to optimize performance in a much better way and we perform that on hands as best SEM company in Delhi.


This process means that you are showing your ads We manage the entire remarketing process right form setting up identifier tags to showing them your relevant ads. We use dynamic remarketing techniques so as to boost the performance for your ads to show relevant ads to the users who have visited your website.

Reporting and Insights

See the performance data of your products at any level of granularity you want in real time. For example, you can check how many clicks a particular product got by applying the filters needed. The insights are present there with respective visuals to understand and show them in a user-friendly manner. We identify growth opportunities for your business to make ensure that it reaches new heights.