Start with your Voter Database

Information is power in political digital marketing, collecting voter data and micro-segmenting data points into different ways to target sections of electorates will offer your political campaign a fighting chance. Your voter database – even if it is just an electoral register – is your best resource at the beginning of your campaign. Contact information in the form of physical address (for canvassing and mail shots), phone numbers (for phonebanking), email or  social media will be hugely valuable. You can supplement this database with subscriptions on your website, social media engagements or captured in the field. The better your database, the better you will be able to communicate with your electorate.

Develop Messaging and Package it for Channels

Campaigning, like political digital marketing, trades in the packaging of information and how well this resonates for the electorate. Your campaign should have specific themes that they want to work on such as fairness, jobs, change, etc. All political messaging will refer to these themes with a view to building a clear proposition for the voters. Themes can be complex but the messaging can often become quite simplified in order to be packaged for social media, rallies, media appearances, campaign merchandise and so on.

Develop Everything Through Storytelling

You may wish to highlight your track record in supporting healthcare provision in the constituency but if you want to be effective in communicating this you will be far better telling the story of how of your constituents was suffering with debilitating pain until the legislation you drafted last year has made healthcare affordable for them and they are now able to play with their grandchildren again after many years. Storytelling is, in short, the way humans communicate, and if you want to deliver a message to a human brain, the fastest way you can do that is by letting it hitch a ride on a story. Everything you produce should have stories at their heart, always be listening to your community and having community outreach at the center of your political digital marketing campaign, this helps illuminate your campaign themes.

Political Messaging is Content

Political messaging content is anything like blogs, taglines, slogans, videos, campaign images, memes or any other communication assets that can be consumed. “Read my lips, no more taxes”, was content delivered by George Bush Snr. that helped him to lose the presidency. The Hope image of Barack Obama was content, as was his inauguration speech. They didn’t pluck these things from thin air. They were developed from the information flows into the campaign. From emails received, tweets at the candidate, conversations in the community, the electoral ‘mood’ begins to emerge and the campaign team need to develop content that reflects that mood.

Application of Digital Marketing Principles

All of your political digital marketing and canvassing team should be able to touch voters across various platforms and with different content but the stories, themes and language should be tight and coherent. Do training with your team to make sure they all understand the concept of integrated campaigning and the power of political branding and political messaging. Applying these simple techniques will greatly enhance your communication abilities and help you to win over your electorate.

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