A well-maintained database lead is a valuable asset for any real estate professional, as it enables them to:

  • Track and nurture leads through the sales process
  • Provide personalized services and insights to clients
  • Identify and capitalize on new market opportunities
  • Build strong relationships with existing clients and prospects
  • Increase conversion rates and close more deals

In the context of real estate, a database lead can include:

  • Contact information (name, email, phone number, etc.)
  • Property search criteria (location, price range, property type, etc.)
  • Lead source (open house, online lead, referral, etc.)
  • Lead status (new, qualified, converted, etc.)
  • Communication history (emails, phone calls, meetings, etc.)
  • Notes and comments about the lead’s preferences, interests, and concerns

Find reliable sources of real estate leads for database integration

Here are some database providers that offer leads for real estate


Data Axle Genie

  • Offers real estate lead lists with full name, address, modeled mortgage information, and many other filters and selects available.
  • Provides turn-key direct mail campaigns and email marketing solutions.
  • Has a comprehensive household database of nearly 120 million US households.
  1. Brokers Data
  • Offers all types of real estate leads lists, including short sale leads and pre-screened new buyers from credit bureaus.
  • Provides lowest costs for insurance aged leads, such as aged health insurance leads, aged life insurance leads, and aged auto insurance leads.
  • Offers mortgage brokers leads using credit bureau pre-screened data at low wholesale pricing.
  1. Reonomy
  • Provides data-driven market and industry insights from Reonomy Research.
  • Offers analysis of historical market data from select MSAs.
  • Connects information on properties, transactions, people, and companies to provide access to portfolio intelligence.
  • Helps organizations generate commercial real estate leads and form quick, lucrative relationships with owners.

These database providers offer a range of solutions for real estate professionals to find and connect with potential clients. They provide valuable data and insights to help real estate professionals build their business and grow their pipeline of leads.

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