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KNOWING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE is so important. It’s the context you need in order to come up with content and messaging that resonates. The PPC software provider that serves small business target audiences is going to have an entirely different look and feel with its branding and marketing collateral than the PPC software provider that serves enterprise businesses.

And the ad a senior living facility creates for seniors themselves is going to be very different from the one it creates for adult caregivers of their senior parents.


A target audience is the specific group of people that you want to reach with your marketing Thats mean your marketing colletoral from your email copy to your tagline to your brand story—should appeal to this group of people.

Here are some strategies to help you find your target audience:

  • Analyze Your Customer Base and Conduct Client Interviews:
    Look at your existing customer base. Who is already buying your product or service? Conduct interviews with clients to understand their demographics, interests, and challenges1.
  • Market Research and Industry Trends:
    Conduct market research to identify industry trends. Understand the broader market landscape and how it relates to your offerings.
  • Analyze Competitors:
    Study your competitors. Who are they targeting? What strategies are they using? Learn from their successes and failures.
  • Create Personas:
    Develop detailed buyer personas. These profiles represent archetypal members of your target audience. Include information about their goals, pain points, and preferences.
  • Define Who Your Target Audience Isn’t:
    Sometimes it’s equally important to know who your target audience isn’t. Exclude groups that don’t align with your product or service.
  • Continuously Revise:
    Your target audience may evolve over time. Regularly revisit and update your understanding of your audience.
  • Use Google Analytics:
    Leverage Google Analytics to gain insights into your website visitors. Understand their behavior, demographics, and interests.

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