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User Agreement


“Company” Means Wit Source Technology Pvt. Ltd.. a company engaged in the business of Online advertisements and other advertisement services.

“User” Means any a Company/Partnership/LLP/Individual that wishes/avails of the services from Wit Source Technology Pvt. Ltd.. for its own personal business use.

Cognizance of this Agreement

Every user transacting any services or otherwise dealing with the Company shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this User Agreement and the special policies and agreements so made and shall be bound by the same as amended from time to time.

Wit Source Technology Pvt. Ltd.. is rightfully entitled to amend this Agreement and the special policies and agreements if any as and when it deems fit without any prior notice and this user agreement shall be binding as amended.

Subject Matter

This Agreement covers the general terms and conditions for use and performance of the Company.

Payment Policy

User herein agrees to pay and consents to the Company to charge a fee/commission levied or fixed for the respective services by the Company from time to time and to deduct the same from the charges paid by the user.

The Company has for the purposes of receiving the payment of transactions is availing the services of independent Payment Gateway which assures the security and authenticity in handling the movement of funds and also the promptness of services. Any liability due to deficiency in services or misappropriation or dishonesty of the Payment gateway shall be borne by the said independent Payment Gateway.

User information & declarations

All transactions done through the Company are subject to the information provided by the user and if any information provided by the user is found to be false, misleading or incorrect the Company shall be rightfully entitled to terminate the use of the account and the Company is rightfully entitled for conducting investigations regarding the same. Every registered user shall retain the user ID and passwords.

Company shall not be liable for any Loss of User ID or Password, however it may try to retrieve the same or assist in creating new ones in case it is informed about the same. Any loss suffered due to the said loss of ID or Password shall be the exclusive responsibility of the User.

User herein agrees and grants to the Company right to use the contact number and email id to send and contact for confirmation correspondences and to contact for feedback and for promotion of the products and services of the Company and its other group companies.

The Company shall rightfully be entitled to call for any additional information if at all is required for Know Your Customer norms or for providing better services to the user.

User Limitation guideline

Unless specifically permitted the services offered are exclusively dedicated for the end users and the Company reserves the right to cancel any transaction meant for trading or purposes other than the use by the end customer or if any User is found trading or otherwise dealing with the services of the Company.

Company shall apart from cancellation of account and termination of contracts shall also be liable to claim damages resulting from any such unsolicited, mala fide or dishonest transaction conducted by any such person.

All available options to choose from and data and other information available on the Company’s website is the exclusive possession of the Company and no person/entity is authorised to copy, record, or otherwise use or deal for itself the said data or information and the Company shall be rightly entitled to secure damages and call for the accounts and profits for any use of the said data by any person for its own personal and vested interests unless expressly authorised.

Limitations to performance and liability

Company does not guarantee any number of results or business calls through the products and packages offered by the Company on the web site. The company does not represent any particular search engine & Company does not guarantee any particular position of advertisement space on web for the display of the advertisement. Though the Company endeavours to provide a glitch free network connection but shall not be liable for any non performance due to loss of signals or mal function in connections and resultant non performance for the same.

The performance of this contract on behalf of the company is limited to the extent of providing advertisement space and activation of the account/advertisement on the search engine on behalf of the Client and for a fees to be paid by client or as per the special plans transacted and no further. Though every possible measure is being taken to have virus and malware free web site, the Company shall not be liable for any losses suffered due to virus or malware or other such risks.

Company shall not be liable to provide any alternate or other services in case of failure to provide the particular services without the fault of the Company.

Company shall not be liable for non performance due to any change in law or government policies, network failures, labour unrests, blackouts, strikes, or acts of god not contemplated herein.

In any case if the Company is found to be deficient in its services then Company shall only be liable for the amount remaining unutilised and the service charges received for the same.


Any User using the services of shall keep the Company indemnified of any liability accruing to the Company for any false/fictitious representations and advertisements and the Company shall always have a right to call any indemnify the losses or liability, or inconvenience suffered due to the acts of the User.

The company shall be rightfully be entitled to levy taxes and cesses as and when levied by the Government or other authority whether retrospective or prospective.

Cancellations and refunds

The cancellation and refund is subject to the special policies so made by the Company and as amended from time to time. Company is rightfully entitled for cancellation of bookings even though confirmed if it is found by the Company or other Service Provider that the User is concealing its identity or is providing misleading information or is dealing with the Company for wrongful business purposes or the user is in breach of any of the obligations under this agreement or of any other special policy so made by serving a show cause mail to the said user and if the same is not replied for 3 days the allegations so made shall be deemed to have accepted and in that case the Company unless otherwise agreed upon shall be entitled to forfeiting the amount so received.


User can contact the Company at info@witsourcetechnology.com

Dispute resolution

All disputes in relation with the transactions carried out with the Company shall be subject to the Arbitration in terms of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and the place of Arbitration shall be Noida Uttar Pradesh.


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